A&F Trigger Training Course

Don't Let Another Relationship End or Suffer by Feeling Powerless to Your Triggers

This Is For You If...

  • You are a man or woman in love with God that won't settle for disconnected relationships
  • You don't want to feel powerless to Relationship Pain
  • You want dating to be fun, low stakes, healing...and the same for your friendships
  • Relationships are important to you: You want to love like Jesus on the Earth
  • ​You're fed up: feeling unworthy, unloved, rejected, abandoned, controlled by emotions, or shut down in a moment
  • ​You want to Thrive in conflict and stay connected to the people you love most 

What Will This Course Do For You?

  • Bring compassion to the little child in you that is in fight, flight, freeze, or fawn
  • How to work through triggers in relationship and find deeper connection as a result
  • ​How to let God Heal Your Past
  • Learn what your triggers are
  • How to know WHEN you are triggered
  • ​How to Get Healing when you trigger
  • How to manage and communicate Triggered Emotional Flashbacks
  • How to step into connection right after a trigger
  • ​How to navigate relationship with yourself, God, and others

1. Purchase Trigger Training

2. Go Through Training Content

3. Put into Practice 

Why Would You Do This?

We've all been in relationships.

Relationships poke on all of our past fears, shame, disappointment, overwhelm...feelings of being unwanted, not chosen, not important, not seen, not understood...

If you've ever been reactive in a relationship where you shut down, run away (create space), blame the other person, or anxiously try and pull the person close out of fear...

Then the odds are...you have been triggered.

And the truth is, when someone feels unsafe or triggers us, we usually fight, flight, freeze, or fawn (caretake) to protect ourselves.  These protectors can easily DESTROY the connection we cherish in our closest relationships if left overlooked.

But triggers are just REVEALERS of what our hearts need healing in.  

And on the other side of that healing...AMAZING relationships.

If that's you, this course is EXACTLY what you need.

Here's How It Works...
For 7 Days After You Sign up we will send you new information each day... EVERYDAY will have a new thing to focus on.  This Challenge is some of my best tools and resource that I've packed into daily practical pieces to work on!
If you want to remain in unhealthy tendencies and stay stagnant, go no further...this is Not for you.
$99.00 Now Only $7/day
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